Collapsible Bench

Otis is a bench with collapsibility and portability in mind. It is designed for compact environments where space is limited and a piece of furniture needs to be versatile and used in multiple applications. Created with simplicity in mind, the design of Otis is reduced to a minimal making it a more utilitarian bench.



During the sketching process and planning for fabrication, the final design of Otis changed when consulting with the shop technician. The original design used a much thicker gauge of sheet metal however due to the limits of the shops, I would not be able to work with this thickness. From there the design was also refined and simplified but still retained majority of the aesthetics and structural stability of the original design. 


Creating a working prototype was a major step in the design process of this bench. With the prototype I was able to test the strength of similar materials that I was going to use. For example with the prototype I used sheet metal that was 1/16th of an inch for the legs which was already strong enough to withstand the weight of one person. From this I was able to determine the thickness of the sheet metal for the final model which affected the process of fabrication due to limits of the shops. Using the prototype I was able to expose areas of weakness in design and improve them for the final model. Weaknesses such as specific areas where the sheet metal would bend due to extreme amounts of external force.